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At “Cat in a Hammock” you will find ideas, conversations and advice on landscape design and outdoor living space creation.  Ever wonder why some spaces you want to leave as soon as you get there, and in some you can spend hours contemplating the meaning of life and purpose of our existence, and have it feel like home.

“Design is a creative endeavor enhanced by an open mind and a desire to go beyond humdrum.” – Vanessa Gardner Nagel, Landscape Designer

Our intention is that the blog posts, videos, pictures and reader comments you find here, help you create your own beautiful, comfy and unique space. A space where you truly enjoy your morning coffee, blissfully play with your children and entertain friends and family, peacefully read your favorite book, gracefully drink a glass of wine and watch the sunset, and be grateful for being a human being in this vast universe.

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May you live in love, style and comfort!