What makes an English Garden?

We sometimes hear that there are different types of gardens: English, French, Italian, Asian, and others.  What if you wanted to create a space at home with a specific theme?

In this post, we will take a look at what you’ll need to create an English garden.

If you own a house and have some land to play with, these are the top 4 items you’ll need to create an English garden: gravel walkway, shaped hedges, roses and a bench.

Everything needs to be symmetrical or at least very orderly looking.  Like you took a ruler and drew on the walkways, very straight.

At the end of each walkway, it’s great to create a focal point so that it’s interesting to walk on this straight walkway.  In the picture above, the focal point is a bench.

Unlike a French garden, which has more “curls”, an English garden is more geometric lines and free-growing perennials.  If an English garden has a circle, it’s usually very symmetric, with a fountain or a flower bed in the middle.

If you live in an apartment and want to spice it up with some culture through gardening, simply add these items: hydrangea, roses and a round-shaped boxwood bush, in a pot or a basket like this.

And you are now ready for an English tea party!

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